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Grant's First RAGBRAI

Grant Belsham

Grant Belsham

I’m nervous, but excited to be participating in RAGBRAI and need your help to hit my fundraising goal.

As background, I first learned of RAGBRAI from two Iowegians that we met in New Zealand when we lived there from 2009 to 2011. They were from Des Moines and were avid cyclists, having done RAGBRAI several times with their friends. Fast-forward to 2014 when I met Kim Philo on a Gears for Good ride... she is also an Iowegian and has done RAGBRAI before. Since I cannot make the DC ride in September, I am going to do this ride instead... 3-days downhill... 7-days up/down hills... should be similar!

So, donate a little or a lot because 100% of your donation will benefit HFA’s Helping Hands program, providing financial assistance to the bleeding disorder community’s most vulnerable individuals and families.



raised of $1,250 goal

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Congratulations from your team at PulseCX!
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Thank you!
4. MLMegan Lang
Best of Luck!!
5. ADAli D'Agostino
Hope you have a great trip for a great cause.
6. NCNeha Chawla
Go Grant. Good Luck