Registration is now closed for RAGBRAI, but be sure to follow us on our trek across Iowa! 

RAGBRAI is an annual cycling event across the state of Iowa.  Riders raise awareness and funds for HFA’s Helping Hands program, which provides urgent funding for basic living expenses such as housing, transportation and utility bills for families living with bleeding disorders.

HFA has partnered with Team Wimpy, 
which will provide our riders with with the ease of transporting your gear to each overnight town, showers (except the 1st overnight town), porta potties, reserved camping locations, and MORE!

Amenities provided to those riding with Team Resilience:
Guaranteed entry to the ride

•Professional cycling jersey
•Week long support through Team Wimpy
•Buddy system for rookie riders
•Personal fundraising page

•Preloaded emails to send to help you reach your goal
•Ongoing fundraising support from HFA

Please contact TeamHFA@hemophiliafed.org with any questions. 


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Double the donation, here's how!
Need to kick off your fundraising campaign? Donate $20 to your personal campaign to be the example you want your donors to see. Want to double this donation? Check with your employer to see if they offer matching gifts!

Training Tip: 
GET SADDLE Time! Nothing makes one's butt not hurt better than time on the saddle. Even if it's a short ride, take advantage of it, every little bit helps. 
Share your story!
One of the easiest ways to share your journey with Team Resilience is to share your training on social media! Post a photo of you on your ride and add your fundraising page and why you are riding for Team Resilience. 

Training Tip:
 Every season, getting "back in the saddle" has a period of discomfort. Legs, arms, and, oh my BUTT! You already know that legs just need conditioning, but here is the secret...butts do too.
​Ride with bike shorts. Bicycling is not running, and it begs for a pad on your seat. Bike shorts with a nice synthetic pad that is hydrophobic, and ideally contains some closed cell foam inside, helps tremendously. They make for a much nicer ride. If you are unsure which brand to go with, reach out to TeamHFA@hemophilifed.org with questions!