Gears for Good National 2020

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Gears for Good Virtual Challenge 2020
September 13-19, 2020

Are you ready to take on this challenge? Over the course of seven days, you’ll log 156 miles and help raise awareness of bleeding disorders and funds for Hemophilia Federation of America.  
What can you expect during this virtual event:

Go at your own pace and track and log miles when you are able through your favorite local park or neighborhood.
Make an impact on the bleeding disorders community by spreading awareness.
Tackle a fitness challenge where you can get ongoing support through our team Facebook group, which is filled with tips and encouragement from other participants.
Meet new friends and build lasting relationships. 
Registration is FREE!
Each rider will have a personalized fundraising page and, if you reach a fundraising goal of $25, you will receive a free Team Resilience t-shirt. HFA will provide you with all of the tools you need to, hopefully, exceed this goal! We understand that it is difficult asking for donations, so we are going to be sure to check in frequently on your progress and also be available to you for any questions you may have.  
We are all in this together, so be a part of a life changing event that will change how you achieve your goals in the future. Being resilient and adapting to changes is what our community does best, so we expect nothing less from this event. 
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See the impact our 2019 Gears for Good ride had on one of our participants. 

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In the Spotlight

Get back in the saddle!
One of the easiest ways to share your journey and hit your fundraising goal is to share your training on social media! Post a photo of you on your ride and add your fundraising page and why you are riding for Team Resilience. 

Every season, getting "back in the saddle" has a period of discomfort. Legs, arms, and, oh my BUTT! You already know that legs just need conditioning, but here is the secret...butts do too.

Ride with bike shorts. Bicycling is not running, and it begs for a pad on your seat. Bike shorts with a nice synthetic pad that is hydrophobic, and ideally contains some closed cell foam inside, helps tremendously. 

If you are unsure which brand to go with, reach out to with questions!
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