Driven By Blood

Team Resilience is joining forces with a couple of Blood Brothers, Joe Perkins and Kevin Harris, as they take on a Lemons Rally: Florida Man Poker Run from April 29-May 3, 2019! They will travel from Kershaw, SC to Key West, FL over the course of five days while making numerous stops to spread awareness about bleeding disorders. They will be sharing their story on their Facebook page Driven By Blood  with posts and live video feeds throughout their journey. If you are in an area they are traveling through, reach out to them and connect! Joe can be reached via email at 

The two gentlemen are raising awareness and funds for HFA’s Helping Hands program, which provides urgent funding for basic living expenses such as housing, transportation and utility bills for families living with bleeding disorders.

Joe and Kevin chose to participate in a Lemons Rally to share a passion they both have with the bleeding disorders community and to let people know there are more ways to give back besides endurance events such as cycling and running. Being able to network with others outside of the bleeding disorders community is also a great way to share their stories and educate others and build awareness! 

Please contact with any questions or to setup your Do It Yourself Fundraiser!