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Grabert runDisney Star Wars 2021 Fundraising Page

Heather Grabert

Heather Grabert

Thank you for visiting our fundraising page! We are thrilled to be participating in runDisney Star Wars 2021 and need your help to hit our fundraising goal. As you know, James had been training hard to make the Star Wars run his first 10K but... 2020 happened. Now we have a chance to make up for it and raise money for a good cause too. 100% of your donation will benefit HFA’s Helping Hands program, providing financial assistance to the bleeding disorder community’s most vulnerable. Every little bit helps.

Best - Heather

After speaking with the business that was going to be the primary promoter of our fundraiser we will not be converting to the virtual race. They will only promote our fundraiser if it is an in person race. This is disappointing but rather on brand for 2020.


runDisney just announced that this race will be virtual. I do not know what that means for us, going through HFA, I will update when we find out. I do know that James is really disappointed. While we all have had things we looked forward to cancelled or done virtually, things that James has looked forward to for YEARS have been cancelled. First, his first attempt at the Star Wars 10k, (he's been looking forward to that since he completed his first 5k at the Wine and Dine in 2016), then his 5th grade EPCOT trip that he'd been looking forward to (and funding through uniform buyouts) since kindergarten, and now his second attempt at the Star Wars 10k. Despite this he has been amazing at keeping perspective. After a short period of disappointment he picked himself back up, put things in perspective (we are certainly very lucky for our health and privilege) and is looking forward to helping Team Resilience raise money to help those with blood disorders. He's also looking forward to Molly continuing so that Brian has to raise money and run a 5K with her.


It looks like we will be increasing our fundraising goal come Christmas because Molly is keeping *me* training! Go, Molly, GO! So I am going to let her finish this update. Molly: hi me and mommy have been doing lots of training. I really want to do the 5k because when my bother James did all his it looked fun it also can get a lot of my energy out it is also very healthy.


Nearly three weeks in and Molly is still going strong. James has been keeping up his running on the weekends. He tried to involve our dog, Leo, but as much energy as Leo has his desire to pee anywhere another dog might have is greater. It was worth a try.


Molly says she wants to do the 5k, but she has said that many times. She and I did our first training run today. If she keeps up the training until Christmas Brian said he would sign up for the 5k. If there are still spots available look for that fundraising update to be added later. Until then this morning's run was nice with reasonable temperatures for once. James is, as usual, much farther ahead of me in terms of training. He ran his first 5K since that picture was taken at the Running Universal 5k in February. Even though he didn't have to, he wore his mask for the entire run. I'm sure it slowed him down but the added difficulty will be good for him next fall for Cross Country (if they don't have to cancel the season again).

James and I last year when we thought we were only 2 months away from our first 10K


raised of $1,100 goal

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