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Team HACA - Raising Funds for Helping Hands!

Brenda Bordelon

Brenda Bordelon

Last year as a member of Team Resilience, I ended up developing plantar fasciitis as a result of improper training. When I signed up to run this year, I thought that I could overcome that injury and still run! While I am 90 percent recovered, I decided after finishing physical therapy that it would be best for me to not participate as a runner.

However, I'm still raising funds! 100% of your donation will benefit HFA’s Helping Hands program, providing financial assistance to the bleeding disorder community’s most vulnerable.I recently had the pleasure to work with the Helping Hands team to assist a HACA member in need, and I was so impressed by the time and assistance they gave both me and the member. There are many people in the community that are struggling with financial issues that stem from their bleeding disorder, and every little bit makes a difference. Please join me in supporting HFA with a donation to this worthy program. Thank you!

Brenda Bordelon


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Go, Brenda! Happy to support you!