Marine Corps Marathon 10K

Marine Corps Marathon 10K 2019

Run with the Marines as Hemophilia Federation of America's Team Resilience returns for a second year as a Marine Corps Marathon Charity Partner! Join us as we run through our nation's capital starting at the National Mall and ending with an emotional finish at the Marine Corps War Memorial.  Runners raise awareness and funds for HFA’s Helping Hands program, which provides urgent funding for basic living expenses such as housing, transportation and utility bills for families living with bleeding disorders.
Benefits of Running with Team Resilience:
• Guaranteed Race Entry
• Personal Fundraising Page
• Preloaded Emails to Send to Help You Reach Your Goal
• Ongoing Fundraising Support from HFA
• Training Plans

• Mentor/Buddy Program for New Runners
• Room Block Options
• Pre-Event Carbo Dinner & Celebration
• Event-Day Performance Team Shirt and Participant Bag
• Encouragement Along the Race Route from the Bleeding Disorders Community

As you push to complete the Marine Corps Marathon 10K, know that your physical and fundraising efforts impact families who need help overcoming dire financial circumstances.

“Thank you for helping us. My son being in the ER and having to make trips to the hospital caused me to miss many days of work. As a working parent, this has been a struggle. Thank you for the assistance to help my family get by this month. I truly appreciate it.”

"The girls are so happy they will have their own home again and that we will be together again. Thank you so much! Without your help, we would be homeless. With my new job, it would have taken months to save because of trying to pay for food and shelter for all of us."

We cannot thank you enough for being a part of Team Resilience and for your support of the bleeding disorders community. We look forward to running with you on October 27th.

 Go Team Resilience….OORAH! 

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Shoes, shoes, shoes

It's hard to ask friends and family, but the truth is, if you care about raising funds for the cause, they will too! They either share your values or just want to help! Go ahead, ask them to support you. 

Training Tip:
Consider getting a custom fitting for a pair of running shoes. Specialty running stores will help you find the shoe that is best for your foot and your body. Proper shoes protect your joints from injury.
Take rest days
When asking for a donation to support your campaign, ask for a specific amount--try these:
"Would you consider a gift of $20 to support my Gears for Good fundraising efforts to support those living with bleeding disorders?"
"Honestly, I have NO idea how much to ask you for, but is a gift of $20 something you'd be able to consider?"

Training Tip:
If something hurts for two straight days while running, take two days off. Two straight days of pain may signal the beginning of an injury. If something hurts for two weeks, even if you've taken your rest days, see a doctor!