Delves for Donors 7 The Lost Year Raffles

Welcome Adventurers to Delves for Donors, a fundraising event supporting Hemophilia Federation of America's Helping Hands program.

What is Delves for Donors?
In previous years we would meet at Critical Hit Games and be part of a 2 hour 5e D&D game, a set of Dice, a Pre-Gen PC to keep, and a Goody Bag.

After this last year, beaten like level one fighters in a level five Dungeon. With the pandemic still lingering this year, we needed to get creative to still find the gold pieces to support Helping Hands. That is when our amazing Sponsors stepped in to level us up!

Below you can purchase your tickets for $1.00 per entry into each of the raffles.

3 easy steps to enter the raffle:
1. Pick your raffle(s)
2. Buy the number of entries you wish
3. Wait for Lady Luck to wink your way

 All winners will be drawn on Saturday, March 13, 2021.

Delves for Donors - Where Gamers Helping Others is the Real Treasure

Ticket Information

​SkullSplitter Dice - Dice Bundle- *US Residents Only*

​3 Poly 11 die sets from one of their recent Kickstarters and 2 sets of Metal dice in protective tins.

Roll On!

*United States residents ONLY*


WizKids - Black Dragon Bundle *US Residents Only*

The Adult Black Dragon and friends are waiting to see who will be inviting this party to the game. Is that you?

*United States residents ONLY*


D&D Beyond’s Legendary Bundle- TWO WINNERS! *International Raffle*

Every book on their site is waiting for you.

Plus, we will be drawing TWO winners for this drawing!!

*Open to international entries*


​ArcKnight’s Out of the Box Bundle- TWO WINNERS! *US Residents Only*

Encounters, Maps, Minis, Items - Plus VTT copies of Maps, Minis and Items.

TWO winners will be drawn for this bundle!

*United States residents ONLY*


​Dandy Beyond - Character Journal Bundle *Limited International*


7 of Dandy’s 5e Character Journals.

Pick your colors and get those Characters out of your head and onto paper.

*Limited to residents in: USA, Australia, Germany, Canada, UK, France, Spain and Italy*


​WizKids - Fangs & Talons Bundle *US Residents Only*

A sealed brick of Boosters and the Premium Mini from the set plus more.

All ready to be tamed and claimed.

*United States residents ONLY*

Total: $0.00

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Event Details

March 13, 2021

Time 12:00 PM
Online Virtual Event
Delves for Donors 2021